2-Day Split Workout Plan For Beginners

2-Day Split Workout Plan For Beginners

A good workout plan for complete beginners.

  • Goal: getting your muscles familiarized with training at a gym
  • Technical complexity: easy (if using dumbbells when squatting)
  • 2 – Day Split
  • 2 times a week
  • Workout duration: 35 – 45 minutes

Are you heading to a gym for the first time?

Well then pick this workout plan! In the beginning, 2 times a week at a gym is the ideal pace for getting your body used to the training. The exercises from this plan include very simple and basic full-body exercises which are perfect for beginners. If you haven’t really been exercising at all or if you are a senior citizen, then it is highly recommended that you start with this plan instead: 2 – Day Split Workout Plan Using Gym Machines >>

When selecting your weights, make sure that you can do 15 – 20 reps with a correct technique. For most people the correct weight is about 40% of your 1 rep maximum (This is how you calculate your one rep max>>). Using weights that are too heavy in conjunction with a poor technique may do more harm than good. When you can perform clean sets for 2 or 3 workouts in a row, you can add weights to that exercise.

Training Day 1. The Upper Body

Training Day 2. The Lower Body

Rest time between sets: 30 – 60 seconds (short rests make this workout plan very effective for muscle endurance and weight loss!)

Before each exercise, start with 1 – 2 brief sets as a warm-up. When warming up, use significantly lighter weights than you normally would use during your actual training.

You can download a training diary below.

2-Day Split Workout Plan For Beginners

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