4-day split workout routine with supersets for a beginner

4 – Day Split Workout Plan with Supersets for a Beginner

A quick workout plan with progressive supersets for a beginner. This workout plan requires a pretty good base fitness level, even if it is for gym beginners. 

  • Goal: building muscle mass
  • Technical complexity: easy
  • 4 – day split
  • Duration: 30 – 40 min
  • 4 times a week

This workout will be done as supersets with progressively increasing reps.

A “superset” means that you will perform Exercises “A” and “B” one right after the other. For example, at first you do a pushing movement (e.g. 1A Bench Press) and while your pushing muscles are resting, you do a pulling movement (e.g. 1B Barbell Bent Over Row). This is the way you get your training done within a shorter amount of time and at a higher heart rate.

Keep the weight the same through the set, but add two reps in between the supersets. Add weights when you have managed to perform your target amount of reps with a clean technique 2-3 workouts in a row. The weights you are using are essentially 60 – 80 % of your estimated one rep max.

This is how you calculate your estimated one rep max>>

Also, pay close attention to the rep tempo. When you are aiming to build lean muscle mass, a “1-0-2 tempo” works the best. In other words, when you overcome the load, do it quickly (1) (concentric contraction), don’t stop the movement (0), and bring the weight back slowly (2) (eccentric contraction). For example, when bench pressing, push the bar up quickly (concentric contraction) and then bring it down slowly (eccentric contraction) and don’t stop the movement between those stages.


Training Day 1: Chest/Back/Shoulders/Biceps/Triceps (First set’s rep count in parentheses)

This is how you do it:

  1. 6 x Bench Press + 6 x Barbell Bent Over Row
  2. rest 2 min
  3. 8 x Bench Press + 8 x Barbell Bent Over Row
  4. rest 2 min
  5. 10 x Bench Press + 10 x Barbell Bent Over Row
  6. 8 x Dumbbell Flyes + 8 x Dumbbell Lateral Raise
  7. rest 2 min
  8. 10 x Dumbbell Flyes + 10 x Dumbbell Lateral Raise
  9. rest 2 min
  10. 12 x Dumbbell Flyes + 12 x Dumbbell Lateral Raise
  11. 6 x Barbell Preacher Curl + 6 x Barbell Lying Triceps Extension
  12. rest 2 min
  13. 8 x Barbell Preacher Curl + 8 x Barbell Lying Triceps Extension
  14. rest 2 min
  15. 10 x Barbell Preacher Curl + 10 x Barbell Lying Triceps Extension

Training Day 2: Legs/Abs

Training Day #3: Back/Shoulders/Biceps/Triceps

Training Day #4: Legs/Abs/Calfs

Remember to warm up before training! 5 – 10 minutes on treadmill, rowing machine or exercise bike. Also, do 1 – 2 warm up sets before actual working sets.

The recommended duration of this training program is 2 – 3 months.
You can download a training diary below.


Source: http://www.fullfitness.net/routines/muscle-building-workout-program

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