Gym Ball Workout for Beginners

Gym Ball Workout for Beginners

Effective gym ball workout for legs and core.

  • Goal: to lose weight, gain better posture and balance
  • Technical complexity: easy
  • 1-Day split
  • Duration: 30 – 60 minutes

What’s the point of training with a gym ball?

Gym ball training has many benefits. First of all, even an absolute beginner can exercise with a gym ball and it is a cheap training tool.

The biggest benefit of gym ball training is that it is an extremely effective workout for core muscles. The core muscles significantly affect your balance and posture and they don’t usually get trained in the same fashion as, for example, with fitness equipment. Gym equipment is usually designed in a way that the targeted muscle gets trained as “effortlessly” as possible so the support muscles, such as core muscles, are not needed.

The exercises from this gym ball workout help build the core muscles (abs, sides, lower back) and leg muscles (glutes, thighs) in different manners.

Do two or three 12 – 15 reps’ sets. Rest shortly (15 – 45 seconds) between the sets in order to keep your heart rate high throughout the workout.

Download a training diary (including photos) below.

Gym Ball Workout for Beginners

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