Steve Cotter's Kettlebell workout

Steve Cotter’s Kettlebell Workout

Muscle mass, endurance and weight management by Steve Cotter

  • 2-Day Split
  • Duration: 30 – 40 minutes
  • 4 times a week
  • Technical complexity: Difficult

You do not need to spend hours and hours at a gym in order to build muscle or get rid of extra fat. This workout known as the Steve Cotter’s kettlebell workout plan does the same thing in a much shorter period of time.

During the 1800’s, a special training tool known as the kettlebell arrived from Russia. It has become the fundamental tool that Steve Cotter has utilized when coaching/training the US Marines and football teams such as the San Diego Chargers, the San Fransisco 49ers, and the Texas Rangers.
Cotter says that he maintains his muscle mass and a 6 % body fat percentage by using the kettlebell workout below. Goals are reach Without gym workout. It is recommended to perform Cotter’s kettlebell workout 4 times a week (for example Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri). The workout takes between 30 – 40 minutes.

Cotter wants to point out the Two Arm Swing technique, which is included in each workout. The Two Arm Swing technique works on numerous different muscle groups and raises the heart rate right at the very beginning of a workout.
You need a pair of lighter kettlebells (8 – 12 kilos /  15  – 25 lbs for men, 4 – 6 kilos / 5 – 10 lbs for women) and a pair of heavier kettlebells (12 – 16 kg / 25 –  35 lbs for men, 6 – 8 kg / 10 – 15 lbs for women) for the training. For one exercise, you need an even heavier pair of kettlebells/dumbbells (20 – 30 kg / 45 – 70 lbs for men, 12 – 20 kg / 25 –  45 lbs for women).

Check this kettlebell workout in detail below including the abbreviations as well.

  • One Hand = 1h (Handle the kettlebell with one arm)
  • Two Hands = 2h (Handle the kettlebell with both arms)
  • both hands alternately = bh  (Do exercise with one hand, then the other hand)
  • Double = use two kettlebells
  • Lighter kettlebell
  • Heavier kettlebell
  • Rest between sets = R 60 seconds

Workout 1 (Monday, Thursday):

Workout 2 (Tuesday, Friday):

Download a workout journal for this kettlebell workout below.

Steve Cotter's Kettlebell Workout


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